What is locutification?


    "Locutification" is a word I crafted for the mere purpose of naming this blog. That doesn't mean it can't be used in actual speech and writings though. Below is the "actual" definition.

Locutification - [loʊˈkiutɪfɪkeiʃʌn] (n.) The act of creating a word.

From the Latin loquor meaning "say, utter, talk, etc."
See also: locutificate, locutificator

    Let's see it used in a dialogue, shall we?

        Bro 1 -  Dude! We should totally go get boozelsmashed this weekend!

        Bro 2 - Dude! What's "boozelsmashed"?

        Bro 1 -  I just made it up. It means "wasted".

        Bro 2 - Sick locutification, dude!

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